Spaun SMS 5807+ NF - Multiswitch

Product information "Spaun SMS 5807+ NF - Multiswitch"
  • The multiswitches have a standby circuit
  • Equipped with a power saving switch mode power supply
  • Energy Saving Technology - Saves over 11€ electricity costs every year!*
  • For reception of one satellite/LNB (e.g. Astra or Hotbird)
  • Works with Quattro or Quad LNBs (22kHz generator)
  • Equipped with a short-circuit proof switching power supply
  • High quality cast housing
  • Made in Germany

Energy Saving Technology:

The multiswitches have a standby circuit (only typ. 0.1 W in standby), this not only saves money but also protects the environment, because the SAT IF amplifier as well as the remote power supply of the LNB are only active when min. a receiver supplies a supply voltage to the multiswitch. Thus, the purchase price is already after a few years, by the electricity cost savings recovered! Whereas almost all other multiswitches on the market consume a lot of electricity every year, because you do not have a standby circuit like our multiswitches.

In addition, the compact multiswitches are equipped with a short-circuit-proof and power-saving switching power supply. Thanks to integrated 22 kHz generator suitable for both Quattro and QUAD LNB.

*Calculation of electricity cost savings at 3h use per day:
LNB power consumption of 250 mA at 18V = 4.5W;
24h-3h (usage time) = 21h/day (unused);
Electricity price (according to Stat. Bundesamt on 09.06.2022) = approx. 33ct/kWh.

4,5W x 21h x 365 / 1000 * 0,33ct/kWh = ca. 11,00€ per year
savings compared to a multiswitch without standby circuit.


Manual Security Instructions

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